Exciting Career Opportunities - only for StrongHumans
on June 5th & 12th 2021 10 AM IST onwards

Job roles on Offer

  • Success Manager - For Life Coaches, experienced HR professionals
  • Management trainee - Client Relationship
  • Management trainee - Digital Lifestyle promoter (Best place to learn how to build personal brand)
  • Management trainee - Social media crew (Best place to learn digital & social media marketing)

    • All roles directly report to the founder.
    • Fully work from home.
    • Flexibility to choose to be part-time/full-time

Success Manager

An opportunity to succeed in life by helping others succeed!!
Suitable for
  • Life Coaches
  • Women HR professionals
  • Deep listening skills, passionate about helping clients
  • With experience range of 5 - 15 years
  • Who are looking for a career that helps them excel in personal life too.

Management trainee

All Management trainee roles requires candidates who are
  • Open to their personal development
  • Comfortable and feel excited speaking to individuals and groups
Digital Lifestyle Promoters role needs candidates who are comfortable creating content on social media.
Social media crew needs candidates with zeal and curiosity to understand how digital platforms work.
  • Smart MBAs with 1-2 yrs exp preferred

Can consider non MBAs too if they have -

  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Curious & open to learn new subjects and
  • Want to do something big in life.
Join us for an interactive session to find out if you are the right fit.
Areas covered:
  • Team SHN Introduction 10:00 - 10:15 AM
  • What is SHN? 10:15 - 10: 30 AM
  • How SHN works 10:30 - 11:AM
  • Your role in SHN (each job role detailing) 11 AM - 12 PM
  • Breakout session & interaction with Team SHN 12:00 - 12:20
  • Career Prospects and perks of working with SHN 12:20 - 1 PM
Lunch break

Freewheeling discussion with founder & team From 2:30 PM (optional)

Team SHN

Sainath Maharatta

Founder, StrongHumanNetwork, IIM Calcutta. Ex Paytm, SBI

Rajani Gurucharan

Success Manager @SHN , Professional Life skills Instructor,Motivational Speaker, Emotional Counsellor 15+ years exp

Niharika devagathapu

Success Manager, Innermost shift Coach, SoftSkills Trainer, NLP Practitioner, Self Enhancement Coach, Career Counselor, Parenting Coach, 12+ years exp

Balaji Balakrishnan

Consultant, Experienced Management professional

Team SHN - Management trainees


Pursuing MBA @ IIM Calcutta

Anusha Maloth

Pursuing MBA @ IIM Amritsar

Abhimanyu prasad

Pursuing MBA @ IIM Amritsar

Siddharth gautam

Pursuing MBA @ IIM Calcutta

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