SHN Career Summit 2021

Future-proof your career StrongHuman Style!
on Saturday (May 15th) 2 PM to 6 PM IST

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Stop feeling guilty about unpredictability, lack of progress in your career !

Truth is Your career is not dependent just on you!!

There are multiple factors which impact your success in career.

The pandemic and response by various stakeholders like:

Leaders, governments, institutions,
scientists, technology,
entrepreneurs, private sector

has given us all soo much to learn and use it to our advantage!

Learn about the various assets you need to have to succeed in your career.

Understand the global value chains and networks

Learn about upcoming trends, connect dots between markets, your industry
and present job

Plan your next moves!!

Know which skills will be in demand in the future and why!

Learn the significance of the right network for career advancement!

and how StrongHuman Lifestyle & SHN ecosystem can help you acquire skills, network , opportunities and build a career beyond your dreams!

Insights shared by Founder , Core Member Group,Success Managers of SHN & Guest speakers.

Sainath Maharatta

Founder , StrongHumanNetwork, MBA, IIM Calcutta, Diverse experience across multiple verticals like IT, banking, Fintech, travel , e-commerce. As an entrepreneur and founder of a visionary organisation he tracks developments across domains like business sentiment , international relations, technology, market trends.

Rajani Gurucharan

Yoga practitioner, 15+ yrs of counselling exp across age groups, success manager @ SHN

Niharika devagathapu

Innermost shift Coach, 10 yrs + exp in high empathy roles, success manager @ SHN

Deepthi Dilip

Professional with 10+ yrs exp in client success roles, success manager @ SHN

Know Career opportunities with SHN!!

Learn about becoming

Success manager @ SHN
Strong Human Buddy

An event which will entertain, challenge , inspire and make you feel wow!!

Have an enthralling experience with
an amazing co-participant group who come from exemplary backgrounds.

Leave with a practical roadmap to future proofing your career!!

It is an event that will make you feel lucky to be part of!!


Event date saturday (May 15th) afternoon 2 to 6 PM IST.

Complimentary offerings :

Event Facebook + whatsapp group + Networking session + Event directory + 30 mins consultation with

Block your seat as an earlybird @ 150INR (excl GST) - now!!

Be the Best Version of yourself! Be a StrongHuman!!