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StrongHuman Lifestyle Transformation program is an advanced program offered to individuals who are serious and committed to transform their career/relationships/Health&Fitness in a span of 3-6 months.

The program is implemented through a StrongHuman Buddy(generally a Life coach/wellness coach/Career , Leadership coach)  who will have weekly/fortnightly “Honest Reflection” Sessions. These sessions will help you reflect on situations, aspects of your life , identify core challenges , set the RIGHT goal and achieve it.

The number of sessions required for a member is decided after an initial discovery call with the member success team and the buddy.

The Member success team proposes one or more buddies to the member based on their assessment of member’s actual requirement and availability of coaches. However the final choice is by member.

The fee for the Lifestyle transformation program will be based on
a) Number of sessions
b) Per session charge of the coach
c) Platform fee of SHN (20% of total charge of the coach)

At the end of the program if the member has successfully achieved the set goals of the program and his/her progress/commitment stands out in their category, buddy can recommend the member for star certification.

Membership is only on Invite. You can request invite by filling this form.

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