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The principles and values we stand by are our core dna, we also have a razor sharp focus on the competencies we want to develop and the areas we want to focus and hence SHN success is inevitable!

Logical thinking

Everyone starts to inculcate logical thinking into their lives. At a societal level everyone gets carried away with emotions and applies logic rarely. Though we are emotional beings at the core, it pays to apply logical thinking in our daily lives. Logical thinking makes you make better decisions, set your priorities right and directly impacts your success, happiness and satisfaction in life.

Being rational and overcoming irrational fear

By being rational and overcoming irrational fears we are actually improving the clarity in our thought process. Most of the times we don’t think clearly. Most of the situations in life can be handled really well if we think clearly.


Self awareness is the key for an individual change and a societal change. This is a principle we apply to every individual at SHN as well to the organisation as a whole. Self-awareness is the central principle of SHN.

Being responsible towards yourself, family, friends, society and environment

Responsibility is about owning things and acting in a constructive way. There are lot of individuals who don’t take responsibility of their life and expect someone else usually parents/life partner to take it. No one other than yourself is responsible for anything that happens in your life. The day someone realises this, their attitude and outlook towards life will completely change. Taking responsibility of maintaining healthy relationship with friends , family, society and environment is essential to a happy and satisfactory life. Usually whenever there is a problem in relationship with anyone we will be the 1st to point out others mistakes. Being responsible helps you solve the problems in the relationships rather than satisfying our egos.

Knowing that you don’t know everything and being open to listen

Assuming that you know everything only leads to arrogance. one needs to understand that the universe is vast and humans need to keep seeking knowledge. We also need to understand that science and technology is a medium to understand the universe but its not the only medium. A dog is able to sense things, which a human cannot. we need to develop senses than the existing ones and it starts by accepting that there is more to learn and start seeking it.

Free thinking

A thought is not good or bad. Actions can be good or bad. Free thinking is essential to understand oneself, to seek knowledge and to achieve excellence. Labeling thoughts as bad/immoral only does harm!.

Lets fill the trust deficit

Post independence, Indians were in survival state with limited resources which brought in qualities such as greed, distrust. Distrust is a major challenge in current Indian society, which is hindering its development. A StrongHuman is a trustworthy person. SHN will stand for trust! SHN will fill the trust deficit. It will create trustworthy individuals and business partners.

Lets focus on value

As a society we need to understand that money is a representation of value. we need to understand that one needs to chase value instead and money will follow. Understanding what is valuable to you is the key! you pay 150 rs to buy a pack of cigarettes. so that’s the value you are paying for it. is that pack of cigarettes really valuable to you or are you giving in to your addiction is something you need to understand. Once you understand what is actually valuable to you, the world around you changes! we have 3 mantras for anyone who wants to join SHN
lets all share value which each other have. When we share the value we have, we create value for each other. When we all start creating value for each other we will reach a point where we will define value for the society!

Don’t be greedy!

The concept of greed is directly related with the evolution of the society. greed is a survival instinct which helps us in situations where resources are limited. We are stepping into a situation where there are enough resources for everyone. Indian society is in a transition phase from “ i win you lose” to “I win you win”. SHN visualises a society where everybody can win by making others also win.

Ownership: Ownership of life. Ownership of work

You are the owner of your destiny! You deal with your present and past. you create your future! There are lot of people out there who think that whatever has happened in their life is because of things that happened to them. But remember, Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. if you lost everything you owned in tsunami then you have 2 options: 1. If you keep cribbing cursing god for doing it to you, you will move nowhere. 2. If you decided to start over your life again, you will be back to your normal life in sometime. If your parents didn’t treat you the way society expects them to, then you have 2 options: 1. Keep cribbing about it, hate your parents and make your life hell 2. Take ownership of your life, work hard and succeed. understand the circumstances which made them behave like that and try to help them out! People who don’t take ownership of their life and their work create coping mechanisms to make themselves believe why something didn’t happen in their life and live that lie and at the end lead a very depressed and dissatisfied life!.

Confidence, belief and conviction

If you believe you can do something, you will do it and if you don’t believe, you won’t even try! A generation of Indians have been told that things can’t change. we believe that we can change things and that’s what is driving us. many people believe that they are born to lead a mediocre life and end up living one. The 1st step to lead a great life is to believe you can lead one!.

Sincerity: sincerity towards your own life

you need to be sincere towards leading a life which you will be proud of! You know that to lead a healthy life you need to lose weight and for that you need to cutdown on sugar, alcohol and start having an active life. Being sincere will make you get into that direction sooner or later. If you are not sincere it will again lead to dissatisfaction. depression..

Dignity of work

work is dignity. not working and wanting free meals is not acceptable. If someone is working to make a living, he needs to be treated with dignity irrespective of what kind of work he/she does. The kind of work one does depends upon various factors and no one has the right to judge or look down upon any kind of work! when you look down on someone’s work remember that it is your character that is reflecting! India has a major problem of people judging each other by their work! This needs to end! There is dignity in working as a waiter in mcdonald’s to make the ends meet. there is no dignity in living on your parents wages when you are capable enough to earn and contribute! people who are already doing odd jobs to support their family may have a feeling that they are doing a sacrifice. people need to come out of this mindset and understand work is a very normal part of a humans life and we can learn and earn something from every work. All the youth in India spend most of their college time doing nothing! Many people are forced to work when they travel abroad for their masters and it teaches them a lot of things! What if every youngster starts doing something productive, won’t India’s future look better?.

Be solution oriented. We don’t complain. We find solution

A lot of people in our society complain. They only complain. Complaining is a mechanism to let out the frustration. It only lets your frustration down but doesn’t fix anything. Finding a solution is the only way to fix things. It needs you to understand things finely, apply thought process. Everyone needs to strive to find a solution for problems in their life. SHN is our solution for the society!

Honesty: being honest to yourself is the best way to lead quality life

For being honest one need to have a clear thought process for their life. It requires self-awareness i.e, observing your own emotions, thoughts and actions. Being honest requires you to understand your value system and be open to question it! If your value system says that you kill your sister if she marries out of your caste or religion, you need to question your value system. For that you need to have a clear thought process. If you are not honest with your life, you are fooling yourself. sadly that’s the truth of majority of the world.

Accountability: be accountable for whatever you do!

we do a lot of things we are proud of! we do a lot more of things which we are not proud of! Whenever things go well, we tend to take credit and whenever things don’t go as expected, we tried to hold someone/something else accountable for it which makes us hypocrites. Being accountable makes us to take the positive and negative things equally. This improves our attitude towards life by making us more humble and bringing us closer to reality!.


We believe leadership is leading the best way of life. A StrongHuman is a leader. When we lead the best way of life, we can lead others! We know that to be prepared for the future, being a leader is the way! Time to stop creating followers and start creating leaders! Do you think you are a leader? Tell us more and we’ll get in touch with you. Take a detailed note on their leadership experiences. Minimum 1000 words.

Execution: we do exactly what we think!

We understand that to make a project as mammoth as SHN reality, execution is the key! We are developing necessary processes to keep the system running smoothly. To ensure perfect execution, the only way is to make sure your foot soldiers are strong. As everyone in the organization is striving to be a StrongHuman, the last mile delivery system of SHN is very robust and that’s how SHN will maintain execution excellence!y!

People: Peoples lives are the only reality

we believe at the end what matters are people’s lives. The systems, processes, concepts such as money, country, religion, institution are nothing if there are no people. We give utmost importance to this aspect and SHN’s whole thinking process revolves only around people. we only respect people! When people change, everything changes!

Culture: we are a cultural phenomenon!

When people change, culture changes.
we might have a culture to waste food, SHN will change it!
we might have a culture to judge people unnecessarily, SHN will change it!
we might have a culture where negativity sells. SHN will prove positivity sells better!
We might have a culture where being corrupt is okay. SHN will make everyone understand that being corrupt is being stupid in future!
we might have a culture where we are forced to take orders. SHN will make you question things and question yourself!
At SHN we know that India will be a very different place 5 years from now!

Design: design the user experience

India is a temple of design. If you see our temples, they were designed to perfection. If you see our epics, they have been designed o make a human life ideal. India’s physical geography is designed for life to flourish! But do we see the design excellence in our modern cities? Do we see the design in our systems and processes? Do we see the design element in India’s businesses? India desperately needs a design philosophy. we need to start looking at everything in our lives from a design perspective. Do we see a normal process like taking an order in a typical Indian restaurant designed well? How well is the customer service experience designed in Indian e-commerce companies? There is a problem at a philosophical level with the management and business culture in India, which focuses on being stingy, maximizing profits and not on maximizing the value for the customer. SHN’s core focus in on design in whatever it does. Its website will be of top most design standards. Its services will be designed to perfection. Its products will be design marvels. Whatever we do, we will make sure the customer experience is designed to perfection! We will take design to such a level that it will impact the complete industry! Are you into design? Lets connect! They should answer “Importance of design in India’s context” in not less than 1000 words and also submit their previous work

Confidence building

Confidence and belief is the 1st step to be a StrongHuman. To create a society of StrongHumans, we need to build confidence at an individual level as well as societal level. how many confident people do you see around on a daily basis? do you see a confident person, who believes in himself and his abilities when you look into the mirror? we work on confidence building at an individual level through Academy. we will get into activities which will impact the confidence at a societal level!


Self-awareness is the single most important aspect responsible for an individual’s success. Its a concept which will transform the whole society. SHN will take self awareness to the grass roots. self awareness should be as accessible as a cigarette or coca cola! SHN will do anything and everything to take this concept to every person in the country and the world!

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence or emotional quotient(EQ) has been scientifically proven as a more important element than intelligence quotient(IQ) responsible for success in life. It is the ability to understand ones own emotions as well as others emotions and use emotional information to guide thinking and behaviour, and manage and/or adjust emotions to adapt to environments or achieve one's goal. Emotional intelligence needs to be taught to the youth and children of india. it is absolutely non existent in India’s education system. we will take the concept of emotional intelligence into the society deeply so that every stakeholder in the system takes notice and adopts it. for a country like india which can only succeed due to service industry, EQ is the bread and butter which government, businesses, educational institutions can’t ignore!


health is not just wealth! its the only wealth. Healthcare in Indians minds is synonymous with patient care. But wellness is the true healthcare. period! Everyone has resources to lead a healthy life, but what is lacking is the mindset and the guidance. SHN will take this message to the world and shift the mindset of the society to focus on wellness through its unique noise reduction technology implemented through ChangeMakers! wellness is at the heart of SHN! we believe in the true indian concept of “sarvejana sukhinobhavanthu”

Relationship management

Everyone in India has relationship problems! Nobody talks about it! Post Independence as India was going through a societal transformation, not talking about internal family matters out in open became a norm. This has done deep harm to a generation. We are the next generation which is reeling under this pressure! Most of the times these relationship issues are the core of ones problems/dissatisfaction in life. The society is not addressing this elephant in the room! SHN is going to break this social barrier to seek support by standing as the pillar of support to everyone who wants to solve these things to move ahead in their lives.

Career planning

When a child is born in India, he become an engineer and she becomes a doctor. This mindset of very limited career choices comes from herd mentality ingrained in our previous generation. Wrong career choices pushed on to us have resulted in frustration and hopelessness of an entire generation. Imagine if everyone in India was working in a profession of their choice, won’t India’s scenario be different? SHN is going to be the torch for the current and future generations to guide into careers which will take them to their IKIGAI(google it!)