Three Arms

The 3 Arms of Shn Enables it to Transformation the Society Holistically.


ThinkTank is the brain of SHN which understands the world around, applies StrongHuman's perspective and comes up with solutions to societies challenges. It will consist of eminent Subject Matter Experts from across the globe



Food & Agriculture

Food and agriculture are the most basic things in a human life. Irrespective of whatever technical advancements happen in future, we will not stop consuming food and hence we can’t stop growing food. we want to consume chemical free natural food which will help for our overall wellbeing. we need to eat food which is healthy as well as tasty. many a times we prioritise taste over health. A StrongHuman is aware of his food habits, knows which ones are not good and consciously attempts to better his food habits. Some of the pointers, which every StrongHuman will agree, are:

  • Portion control
  • Minimizing/zeroing refined sugar
  • Minimizing/zeroing soft drinks
  • Regulating/minimizing alcohol intake
  • Having a balanced diet with sufficient amount to carbohydrates, proteins, fibre and sugars
  • Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Consuming food which is chemicals/fertilizers free
  • Portion

How do we make sure that our food supply chain, starting from the farmer to the intermediaries such as government and food business owners are aligning their efforts to achieve the above results?

Sports & Education

Sports and education are critical for the overall development of mind and body. At a societal level, Indians attitude towards education needs to be changed. Sports has been largely neglected in the overall education curriculum. Sports lead to strong mental health and learning lot of skills such as confidence, team building, emotional intelligence, leadership. we need to redefine the deliverables of our education system to reform it. A education system built for a StrongHuman would have:

  • Should encourage questioning and not conformity
  • Should incentivise being different
  • Student should be connected to things happening in real world
  • Student should learn to effectively use technology
  • Should have a collaborative approach of learning
  • Learning through application
  • Should develop Life skills such as confidence, self awareness, emotional intelligence
  • Students should understand their bodies and the physical changes that happen
  • Should have lot of physical activities and sports
  • Student should be able to balancedly spend time at school and home
  • Should teach the StrongHuman values and principles
  • Should create StrongHumans


Healthcare has to shift from patient healthcare to preventive healthcare. The best minds in the country should focus on preventive healthcare. Patient care has to become more patient and doctor focussed. Approach towards healthcare should shift from maximising profits to providing top notch healthcare and being profitable. Wellness is at the heart of preventive healthcare. Wellness is directly related with lifestyle one leads. Lifestyle is directly related with the people you be with. SHN is a solution to this as SHN is just not a company / concept but a way of life.

  • How do we make sure that everyone understands wellness thoroughly?
  • How do we make sure that everyone implements wellness into their life?
  • How do we make structural changes in the government/beurocracy so that the approach of corporate healthcare changes from maximising profits to staying profitable?

Infrastructure - housing, transport and city planning

HModern cities are getting more and more crowded and it is becoming difficult for developing infrastructure. The solution is not to develop more infrastructure in congested cities but to rethink the whole concept of city and comeup with alternate concepts to modern cities. Imagine StrongHumanColonies StrongHumanColonies come into reality when a group of StrongHumans decide to come together and live at a place away from the city. These colonies are self sufficient with food grown in the fields around, power being generated through solar energy, fellow strong humans run schools with the help of e-learning methods. People from different countries visit these colonies as guests, spend some quality time to relax and get a perspective in life.These colonies are well connected with the cities. people in StrongHuman colonies may go to cities for few chores in their electric vehicles, but they want to come back to their colony once their work is done. They don’t fancy living in the city. people in the city fancy to live in StrongHumanColonies. StrongHumanColony is infact not an alien or innovative concept but just a transformation of current village ecosystem of India. Imagine the following changes in village

  • Infrastructure(power , roads, internet, healthcare, education) is developed
  • Mindset of people is changed. You don’t need to change everyone, if just the young people become StrongHumans that would suffice.

Every village in India will become a StrongHumanColony and this will transform the whole infrastructure of the country. How do we bring this transformation? What is the process to be followed? What is the role of government, businesses and existing village governance system? How do they adapt?

Media and entertainment

When you start living a StrongHuman life, your interaction with media and how you entertain yourself will have a shift. You will know what kind of content will appeal you. you will not watch anything and everything that comes on television. You will subscribe for content which you like and create your own customized entertainment. The quality of content will be intellectually stimulating. StrongHumans will not want to get entertained only by consuming content. He will want to become part of the experience. New types of entertainment like Virtual reality will become common place. People will also would prefer to interact with more Humans and hence live entertainment will increase. So how should the entertainment industry get prepared for this shift? How should artists adapt themselves to develop suitable content? How can entertainment positively impact the culture and society?


To understand governance in the future, we need to understand the history of governance. For a long period of time, governance was done through the concept of kingdom with a central ruler, in modern times the concepts of democracy and communism has evolved. To understand how governance will evolve, we need to understand the evolution of human thinking. During the period of kings, the strongest person used to rule and the whole kingdom was on his mercy. He could be overthrown by a stronger king. During modern times, the thinking has evolved and we understood everyone should be represented and everybody’s wellbeing is important. Hence communism and democracy have come into place. At the same time, USP of democracy is that everyone has their own will and wish and the society cannot force anything on individual. During this time there were some people who were smart and there were some people who were not as smart as others. But all the smart people couldn’t agree with each other. each group of smart people attracted a set of not so smart people and hence political parties were formed. This is the time in human thinking evolution when all the smart humans can agree upon something and that something is that everyone needs to become a StrongHuman! Imagine a world full of StrongHumans. How do you govern them? How will the role of government evolve? How do the spending of governments change? how do we create laws? How do we enforce laws? what happens to countries?

Science and technology

Science and technology is currently at its top potential and hence it is able to mimic simple human behaviours in the form of artificial intelligence. Technology is able to connect us seamlessly with anyone on this planet, creating a parallel pool of human intelligence which can counter artificial intelligence. In short-term we should be able to understand technologies such as block chain which follows the concept of peer to peer network where everyone follows a common protocol for communication and validation. If you observe keenly StrongHumanNetwork is a blockchain! The whole humanity needs to delve deeper into the concept of blockchain. blockchain is not just a technology, but its a concept which can change the entire world. we also need to move from just evidence based science to a science based on logic. Science should start understanding the spirituality and ancient scriptures to take human consciousness to next level at a mass scale. How do you think science and technology will shape our future? will the approach towards science be the same as it is existing now?


India has immense tourism potential which is completely untapped. India has high cultural and biodiversity which is very unique. A tourist is looking for an experience. India has numerous elements such as medicine, spirituality, culture, wildlife, scenic beauty, historical monuments, energy of the youth which can be packaged well into an experience. The key element to this is to improve our self esteem and improve our creativity to offer a unique experience. How do we package India for a tourist from a developed country? from developing and poor countries? How do we build the tourism infrastructure to give an awesome experience? How do we adapt attitude of Indians to give an awesome hospitality experience?


Energy is a very important aspects of our daily life. All the comforts which we experience starting from your house, appliances, internet, transport everything needs energy. energy has been one of the biggest culprit in modern day society which is responsible for international politics and wars. With the advancement of technology and harnessing renewable energy, the dependency on oil is reducing and we can definitely see a future where energy is directly harnessed from solar and wind. Electric vehicles are going to be a game changer in Indian society. it will reduce our dependency on foreign crude oil and can completely transform the economy. How long will it practically take for renewable energy sources to dominate the market, given the consumer is a StrongHuman? What can be the systemic changes we can implement to make this as fast and smooth as possible. How do businesses need to adapt to survive during this transition? How do we adapt our daily life to consume energy efficiently?

When people change, their interaction changes and business is just an interaction between people!


  • FOOD


StrongHuman eats the right food. Right food is healthy, tasty and has a lot of variety. what is the availability of right food in India? Consumer’s purchasing power is increasing and they are becoming health conscious. do you own a business in this category? do you have a core skill?(chef, hotel management etc)? do you have managerial experience in food industry?


Our education system needs a drastic and immediate change. This change is going to be abrupt and will be the biggest educational reform in the world in shortest span of time. we need to replace teachers with StrongTeachers The system needs to start developing StrongHumans and not obsolete robots! The current educational system needs a jolt which will shake every stakeholder and bring some seriousness into them. Do you think you can reform the current education system?


Sports are one of the oldest forms of recreation for mankind. In future as we will get more free time we are bound to spend more time in recreation. people will spend more time in playing sports and sports related entertainment. with the advent of IPL and similar leagues in other sports, already a revolution has started in sports. This is going to get more better and more forms of sports and sports related entertainment is going to flourish. imagine a simple sport of badminton being transformed by inclusion of AI to make it more challenging by increasing the speed of wind in the court! Exciting sports ahead! Do you have ideas on how we can make sports interesting? Are you someone who own a sports related business? Are you a sports person who has an opinion on how sports should transform in future?


India is one of the world’s most exotic tourism destination. No other place in the world has the level of biodiversity and cultural diversity which India offers. But Indians have very low self-esteem which stops them from recognising the assets which they have! The fort/temple/park just a few kilometres away from your home is a very interesting tourist spot which when packaged well will give an amazing experience to a tourist! tourism in India is the biggest service industry which is not even tapped to 1% of its potential. India can offer amazing historical, medical, ecological, spiritual tourism experiences to the world! This concept has the power to transform the whole world. Imagine millions of Chinese tourists visiting India regularly. won’t this increase the friendship among its citizens? Won’t it impact the diplomatic relations? Are you a tourism professional? Do you own a tourism business? Do you think you can run a tourism related business?


Healthcare is misunderstood as patient care in India. The real healthcare is preventive healthcare which is a combination of good food, exercise and mindset. India is the land of Ayurveda and many other alternative medicines. with the arrival of patanjali the whole market which includes medicines, supplements, fmcs products in skin , hair and dental care in shifting towards ayurvedic and more healthy lifestyle. Though patient care is not very bad interms of availability of treatment to someone who is ready to pay premium/covered under insurance , it lacks the trust factor. doctor doesn’t trust patient can be sensible. Patient doesn’t trust the doctor completely(remember doubting the doctor who prescribed a lot of tests?) There is a lot of value that can be added both to the doctor and patient. Currently the stakeholders in between are benefiting more and sometimes even being exploited! At SHN we plan to transform healthcare by: 1. focusing on better lifestyle 2. filling the trust deficit between the patient and doctor by creating StrongDoctors. 3. creating healthcare infrastructure which is affordable and trustworthy Are you a medical practitioner/wellness professional who has ideas on how to transform healthcare? Are you a management professional in healthcare domain? Are you a business in healthcare domain?


Entertainment is one of the basic necessities of a human. You can get entertained through various mediums. As societal change happens, the kind of content consumed changes. In the past few years the digital entertainment landscape is changing with new types of digital entertainments such as podcasts, webisodes, netflix, amazon prime. The type of content being consumed is changing rapidly. The age of routine formula based movies, boring serials and negativity filled news channels is fading away. The new consumer is asking for quality content which appeals to a StrongHuman sensibilities. Are you an artist who can deliver content for the StrongHuman sensibilities? Are you a professional in entertainment and media industry who is frustrated with current situation and want to do something different?


Agriculture is the backbone of the country. Its also one of the most unorganised sectors which is reeling with various problems such as 1. no proper social status or security to the farmer leading to agriculture becoming unattractive for the current generation 2. still being rain-fed system 3. lack of mass level farm infrastructure 4. being used for political motives and focusing on freebees and not focusing on permanent solutions! At the same time the consumer is becoming health conscious and looking for natural, fertilizer/chemical free crops. Not using chemicals(which actually reduces the operation cost) is being sold at a premium price! SHN will transform the agriculture by 1. popularising natural farming methods 2. making agriculture a cool thing to do! 3. creating a fair market for natural chemical free crops so that consuming natural food becomes a norm and not a luxury! Are you a farmer who has an opinion to share? Are you part of the food supply chain who wants to change things? Join the discussion on how to make agriculture sexy!

StrongHumanAcademy is the central arm of SHN. It aims to create a pool of StrongHuman who will mentor and guide the rest of the humanity towards future and excellence . It will design events, programs and services to help unleash the StrongHuman with in you! It will evolve into a learning platform for eveyone and everything in the future. Welcome to future!




All the StrongHuman guides and trainees have to internalize the principle of SHA. The principle is

  • “Being honest to yourself is the best way to lead a high quality life”
  • By being honest to yourself, you are escaping the vicious cycle of fooling which the humanity is trapped in.
  • Once you consciously start applying the principle, you have taken the most important step in your journey to “be the best version of yourself”


The motto of StrongHumanAcademy is

  • “Be the best version of yourself”
  • We don’t want you to believe in anything and anyone except yourself!
  • We want you to know yourself and start expanding yourself! Iykwwm!


The methodology of the Academy makes it very unique. The uniqueness of the methodology comes from the fact we see the future of learning not as education but as a lifestyle! The methodology helps the participants lead a StrongHuman lifestyle. The major aspects of the methodology are:

Honest discussions

As a society we lack honest discussions! A single honest discussion can give you insights enough to work for the next 1 year of your life. The Academy will facilitate honest discussions through a variety of mediums. One can participate in face to face discussions or a video chat with your mentor. It can be a open house meeting at your city or a online platform to initiate discussions about yourself and sensitive issues of relevance. A HD leads to goal setting and the other aspects of SHN methodology helps you to achieve the goal!

Peer-to-Peer learning!

The era of instructor based learning. In the era of AI, if someone is instructing you, there is something fundamentally wrong in the learning ! Welcome to the Era of Peer to Peer learning. Its time to come out of the notion that a teacher knows better than you. You learn from your peers and you also help your peers. No matter what your age is who the peer is, there is something we can offer to learn and learn from them! This method also upholds our cultural mantra of “Don’t look up to anyone and don’t look down on anyone”

Story Telling

Story telling is a very strong method to drive the point in conversation because it appeals to the emotion rather than just conveying the message! You can observe that most of the movies are the same story but expressed differently and we still go and watch just for the experience. Introducing Story telling at a large scale for the learning can transform the education industry! The story can be told through visual media, blogs, books, fine arts and interactive sessions. Academy will explore all kinds of story telling mechanisms to spread the StrongHuman story!

Activity based learning!

Learning is at best when you experience it at multiple levels through different senses. An activity will help you learn at a deeper level as you “do” things. Academy will conduct digital as well as on ground activities across the world! The activity can be a run, a confidence boosting session, a game played or a puzzle. What we promise is “It will be fun, it will help you learn!”


Branding is that little secret which the corporations across the world have used for their own selfish reasons. Branding has been used to divide the people, SHN will use it to unite them! Through StrongHumanNetwork we are building the most inclusive as well as valued brand of the future! SHN is a human values centric brand! We will use the power of branding to drive the StrongHuman story across the globe. We will be a brand, which people will own and proudly flash!


Positivity is the underlying theme of the StrongHumanNetwork. We are the world’s most positive people! We believe being positive is essential to become confident, the 1st trait of a StrongHuman. Positivity gives you that energy to take the 1st step towards something good!

Imbibing the DNA

The Core values and principles are the DNA of SHN, which the organization will strive to excel in. They will act as the guiding light for every StrongHuman at various junctures. We imbibe them through various modes. Creating SHN’s culture around them, developing high quality content, marketing and celebrating them are some of the ways we will imbibe the StrongHuman DNA.



SHN is a method to build the future. The method is founded on certain concepts. Once the StrongHumans understand these concepts their world-view alters and the social construct transforms! Once you look at the world through these concepts, trust us, you’ll start having more fun in your life!


Our DNA is hardwired for scarcity and calamities because of the process of evolution. Over the last centuries there has been immense scientific development and improvement in standard of living. Its time we become conscious about the abundance, predictability, security around you. This doesn’t mean there are no negative elements in the society, but just “be cautious but don’t let that bring down your quality of life” or simply “don’t succumb to negativity

Honest discussions

How often you have honest discussions in your life? Our daily lives a lot of times are filled with not so honest conversations or conversations where there is no perspective! SHN gives a platform and a perspective on which you can build a honest discussion with anyone on anything! Lets do HD!

The Future Mindset

We live in the present and prepare for the future! So one needs to have a future mindset! Being a StrongHuman is inculcating the future mindset. You understand the future and you prepare for it! SHN is the platform on which you meet the people who are building the future! Once you adapt the future mindset, you start building the future!

Create society!

You create society and not the other way around. Society is only there in the imagination of people. Imagining a new society is the 1st step to create one. Once a set of people start imagining together it becomes the society StrongHumanNetwork is the society we are building!


We are living in a hugely abundant society where our food, shelter, information, transportation, technology are given. We are leading a very comfortable life compared to any of our previous generations but most of us are miserable because we imagine problems that do not exist. We can overcome this by simply practicing gratitude. It has been scientifically proven that gratitude is a simple concept which when practiced daily can hugely impact the quality of our lives. Gratitude gives us a perspective, which enables us to appreciate things that already exist.

We are the mainstream!

There is a lot of pressure on our generation to be part of the mainstream and make our parents proud! Infact many of us when we want to do something which we really like and it is not part of the so called mainstream, half of our energies are lost trying to figure out whether we should take the step and fighting the resistance in our families. We hereby declare that we are the mainstream and we will strive to make everyone understand this! By applying this concept you can directly jump to focusing on excellence!

Get a perspective!

The most important education needed for the current generation across the globe is not mathematics or science but getting a “perspective”. Our current education system is too absorbed into the current system to give a perspective for the future! SHN gives you the right perspective in life. Because it lets you think independently for yourself by being a StrongHuman!

Clarity of thought!

What is missing in most of our lives is the clarity of thought! SHN gives you a framework and platform to introspect various aspects of your life and develop clarity of thought. Clarity in thought will lead to definitive measurable goals!


Academy offers online programs as we as offline programs. Offline programs are available in Bangalore and Hyderabad currently. Register yourself here and be the 1st to know as and when we launch our programs.


Our Experts

Our experts come from diverse backgrounds and are StrongHumans in real-life. Although we value professional qualifications, we do not see it as a pre-requisite to guide fellow StrongHumans. We focus on people who are real life achievers

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