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Star certification is the flagship certification program of SHN.

The specialty of this certification program is that it can be awarded to a variety of
. Star certification is awarded only to those members who have shown clear measurable progress over a period of 3 - 6 months by a change in attitude and achieving a goal mutually agreed with their StrongHuman Buddy(generally a trained individual in leadership/life coaching domain)

In order to achieve STAR certification, the member has to go through a set of
weekly/fortnightly/monthly Honest Discussions/Reflection sessions with the StrongHuman Buddy over a period of 4-6 months.

On Successfully achieving the set goal, the StrongHuman Buddy recommends the member for the certification along with a detailed report on the journey of growth.

This is validated by an independent Life coaching/Leadership professional and on a positive assessment, certification is approved.

Star certified members command more respect and are valued by potential employers,
customers, suppliers, collaborators, life partners.

Star certification certifies that you deeply understand the StrongHuman Concepts and have applied them practically making you a better-skilled professional and a better human.

It is an excellent way to explore your inner strengths and speed up your journey towards being your best version!

Only members who have successfully accomplished the preliminary StrongHuman Challenge will be eligible to participate in the Star Certification program.

An Appropriate fee which covers the Professional fee of the coach and a standard service fee of SHN will be applicable.
It will vary depending on the profile of the buddy chosen, the number of sessions.

Watch out for the StrongHuman Stars!!

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