Food & Agriculture
Food and agriculture are the most basic things in a human life. Irrespective of whatever technical advancements happen in future, we will not stop consuming food and hence we can’t stop growing food. we want to consume chemical free natural food which will help for our overall wellbeing. we need to eat food which is healthy as well as tasty. many a times we prioritise taste over health. A StrongHuman is aware of his food habits, knows which ones are not good and consciously attempts to better his food habits. Some of the pointers, which every StrongHuman will agree, are:

  • Portion control
  • Minimizing/zeroing refined sugar
  • Minimizing/zeroing refined sugar
  • Minimizing/zeroing soft drinks
  • Regulating/minimizing alcohol intake
  • Having a balanced diet with sufficient amount to carbohydrates, proteins, fibre and sugars
  • Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Consuming food which is chemicals/fertilizers free

How do we make sure that our food supply chain, starting from the farmer to the intermediaries such as government and food business owners are aligning their efforts to achieve the above results?

Sports and education
Sports and education are critical for the overall development of mind and body. At a societal level, Indians attitude towards education needs to be changed. Sports has been largely neglected in the overall education curriculum. Sports lead to strong mental health and learning lot of skills such as confidence, team building, emotional intelligence, leadership. we need to redefine the deliverables of our education system to reform it. A education system built for a StrongHuman would have:
  • Should encourage questioning and not conformity
  • Should incentivise being different
  • Student should be connected to things happening in real world
  • Student should learn to effectively use technology
  • Should have a collaborative approach of learning
  • Learning through application
  • Should develop Life skills such as confidence, self awareness, emotional intelligence
  • Students should understand their bodies and the physical changes that happen
  • Should have lot of physical activities and sports
  • Student should be able to balancedly spend time at school and home
  • Should teach the StrongHuman values and principles
  • Should create StrongHumans

Healthcare has to shift from patient healthcare to preventive healthcare. The best
minds in the country should focus on preventive healthcare. Patient care has to
become more patient and doctor focussed. Approach towards healthcare should
shift from maximising profits to providing top notch healthcare and being
Wellness is at the heart of preventive healthcare. Wellness is directly related
with lifestyle one leads. Lifestyle is directly related with the people you be with.
SHN is a solution to this as SHN is just not a company / concept but a way of life.

  • How do we make sure that everyone understands wellness thoroughly?
  • How do we make sure that everyone implements wellness into their life?
  • How do we make structural changes in the government/beurocracy so that the
    approach of corporate healthcare changes from maximising profits to staying
Infrastructure – housing, transport and city planning
HModern cities are getting more and more crowded and it is becoming difficult for developing infrastructure. The solution is not to develop more infrastructure in congested cities but to rethink the whole concept of city and comeup with alternate concepts to modern cities. Imagine StrongHumanColonies StrongHumanColonies come into reality when a group of StrongHumans decide to come together and live at a place away from the city. These colonies are self sufficient with food grown in the fields around, power being generated through solar energy, fellow strong humans run schools with the help of e-learning methods. People from different countries visit these colonies as guests, spend some quality time to relax and get a perspective in life.These colonies are well connected with the cities. people in StrongHuman colonies may go to cities for few chores in their electric vehicles, but they want to come back to their colony once their work is done. They don’t fancy living in the city. people in the city fancy to live in StrongHumanColonies. StrongHumanColony is infact not an alien or innovative concept but just a transformation of current village ecosystem of India. Imagine the following changes in village
  • Infrastructure(power , roads, internet, healthcare, education) is developed
  • Mindset of people is changed. You don’t need to change everyone, if just the young people become StrongHumans that would suffice.
  • Every village in India will become a StrongHumanColony and this will transform the whole infrastructure of the country. How do we bring this transformation? What is the process to be followed? What is the role of government, businesses and existing village governance system? How do they adapt?
Media and entertainment
When you start living a StrongHuman life, your interaction with media and how you entertain yourself will have a shift. You will know what kind of content will appeal you. you will not watch anything and everything that comes on television. You will subscribe for content which you like and create your own customized entertainment. The quality of content will be intellectually stimulating. StrongHumans will not want to get entertained only by consuming content. He will want to become part of the experience. New types of entertainment like Virtual reality will become common place. People will also would prefer to interact with more Humans and hence live entertainment will increase. So how should the entertainment industry get prepared for this shift? How should artists adapt themselves to develop suitable content? How can entertainment positively impact the culture and society?

To understand governance in the future, we need to understand the history of
governance. For a long period of time, governance was done through the concept
of kingdom with a central ruler, in modern times the concepts of democracy and
communism has evolved.
To understand how governance will evolve, we need to understand the evolution
of human thinking. During the period of kings, the strongest person used to rule
and the whole kingdom was on his mercy. He could be overthrown by a stronger
During modern times, the thinking has evolved and we understood everyone
should be represented and everybody’s wellbeing is important. Hence
communism and democracy have come into place. At the same time, USP of
democracy is that everyone has their own will and wish and the society cannot
force anything on individual.
During this time there were some people who were smart and there were some
people who were not as smart as others. But all the smart people couldn’t agree
with each other. each group of smart people attracted a set of not so smart
people and hence political parties were formed.
This is the time in human thinking evolution when all the smart humans can
agree upon something and that something is that everyone needs to become a
Imagine a world full of StrongHumans.
How do you govern them?
How will the role of government evolve?
How do the spending of governments change?
how do we create laws? How do we enforce laws?
what happens to countries?

Science and technology

Science and technology is currently at its top potential and hence it is able to
mimic simple human behaviours in the form of artificial intelligence. Technology
is able to connect us seamlessly with anyone on this planet, creating a parallel
pool of human intelligence which can counter artificial intelligence.
In short-term we should be able to understand technologies such as block chain
which follows the concept of peer to peer network where everyone follows a
common protocol for communication and validation.
If you observe keenly StrongHumanNetwork is a blockchain!
The whole humanity needs to delve deeper into the concept of blockchain.
blockchain is not just a technology, but its a concept which can change the entire
we also need to move from just evidence based science to a science based on
logic. Science should start understanding the spirituality and ancient scriptures
to take human consciousness to next level at a mass scale.
How do you think science and technology will shape our future?
will the approach towards science be the same as it is existing now?


India has immense tourism potential which is completely untapped. India has high cultural and biodiversity which is very unique. A tourist is looking for an experience. India has numerous elements such as medicine, spirituality, culture, wildlife, scenic beauty, historical monuments, energy of the youth which can be packaged well into an experience. The key element to this is to improve our self esteem and improve our creativity to offer a unique experience. How do we package India for a tourist from a developed country? from developing and poor countries? How do we build the tourism infrastructure to give an awesome experience? How do we adapt attitude of Indians to give an awesome hospitality experience?
Energy is a very important aspects of our daily life. All the comforts which we experience starting from your house, appliances, internet, transport everything needs energy. energy has been one of the biggest culprit in modern day society which is responsible for international politics and wars. With the advancement of technology and harnessing renewable energy, the dependency on oil is reducing and we can definitely see a future where energy is directly harnessed from solar and wind. Electric vehicles are going to be a game changer in Indian society. it will reduce our dependency on foreign crude oil and can completely transform the economy. How long will it practically take for renewable energy sources to dominate the market, given the consumer is a StrongHuman? What can be the systemic changes we can implement to make this as fast and smooth as possible. How do businesses need to adapt to survive during this transition? How do we adapt our daily life to consume energy efficiently?

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