Member Success Manager

Job role – Member Success Manager
Company – StrongHumanNetwork
Type – Part time/work from home – Smaller Fixed salary + performance based incentive
Best suited for women from HR background getting back to work from sabbatical

About Company : StrongHumanNetwork(SHN) is a 2.5 years old startup based out bangalore, India. It is founded by Sainath Maharatta, IIM Calcutta alumnus

SHN is building a global lifestyle community focused on personal development and self-awareness helping members to enhance their career, relationships, health & wellness by being their best version.

It boasts of many highly accomplished individuals from diverse backgrounds as its members.

It offers its flagship product “Lifestyle Membership” to a variety of customer segments ranging from students, young professionals and experienced professionals on accomplishing StrongHuman Challenge – a 21 day journaling based self-awareness challenge!

About role:

Member Success Manager(MSM) is the 1st interface between the company and member.

Once a prospective member shows interest and “Requests Invite” , MSM schedules a Discovery call

Over the discovery call, MSM Profiles the prospect if they fit into any of member categories

If the member fits any category, MSM helps the prospect understand SHN in detail and how it can benifit them.

on showing interest, MSM helps the prospective member navigate through the registration and successfully accomplish challenge to become a member.

Later MSM, guides the member in reaching to the right people in the community and will act as a relationship manager with SHN.

Compulsory requirements :

The candidate should be interested in their inner development and open to understand personal development concepts and apply in their life.

The candidate should themselves become a member by registration process and accomplishing the StrongHuman Challenge(fee is waived off for the selected candidates)

candidate should be ready to make personal development part of their life and understand SHN concepts.
If you are looking just for money without much involvement, please don’t apply.

Should be fluent in English + 1 any Indian language.

Should have a flair to interact with new people.

Interested candidates, please share your resume & LinkedIn profiles over whatsapp on 9959516713

company website :
Please follow us on instagram for latest updates @stronghumannetworksays

watch this video to know more about SHN

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