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What is StrongHumanNetwork?

StrongHumanNetwork is a lifestyle concept and a global network of individuals focused on personal growth.

It helps individuals transform their career, relationships, health & fitness by enhancing their confidence, self-awareness, Emotional Intelligence, and world-exposure!

Who can join SHN?

Anyone who is interested to become the best version of themselves can join SHN. SHN is structured into various levels and categories to create a fair differentiation among members and track their growth in life. Refer to the table below

The number of individuals at each level decreases as the level increases. Most of the individuals in SHN will be cadets, followed by fewer Professionals in training, fewer Professionals, Senior Professionals & mentors. we will also set up a process to identify individuals at every level who are excelling at being the best versions of themselves to promote to higher levels!

To become a verified member of SHN one has to successfully accomplish the StrongHuman challenge.

What is StrongHuman Challenge?

StrongHuman challenge consists of the following steps

  1. Build the StrongHuman profile (you’ll receive a link through email on registering on the site. )
  2. Take the StrongHuman Pledge (link will be provided on building the StrongHuman profile)
  3. Applying for the challenger kit. The application fee is INR 6999(GST included) within India and 150 USD(all-inclusive) outside India.
  4. On receiving the Challenger Kit, understand the concept modules
  5. Write StrongHuman Destiny for 30 days continuously or 40/50 days. StrongHuman Destiny is a self-awareness mechanism where you log your activities, actions, Thought patterns, Emotions, food habits, substance & alcohol intake. It is part of the challenger kit. A digital version will also be made available.
  6. Meditate for 30 days continuously or 40/50 days
  7. Sporting the StrongHuman bond during the challenge whenever you step out of home!

What are the benefits of being a verified member of SHN?

Verified members, as they have taken the challenge, know the central concepts of SHN and abide by the StrongHuman Lifestyle pledge. This gives them the framework to understand their life and set communication standards for interacting with other members across various categories. You can access the complete details here.

This makes SHN a trusted network

In a trusted network you can expect & predict one’s behavior based on the purpose & mutual objectives. Through our “Appreciation & Feedback” mechanism one can publicly/privately provide feedback to one another. One can also complain against other member(s) in case of unacceptable behavior.

Members can leverage the network for 

  1. Job opportunities, Projects, Internships 
  2. Provide professional services
  3. Avail services from other members. 
  4. Avail Life coaching, Career coaching through HD(Honest Discussions) with coaches
  5. Avail Health & wellness services in the form of consultations with doctors, Yoga, Meditation, fitness, nutrition experts
  6. Participate in adventure, social activities by other members
  7. Meet your life partner through our life partner program ( Not applicable to cadets )

we are waiving off the membership fee for 1 year exclusively for individuals in the Founder’s network. 

The uniqueness of SHN is its simplicity and universal reach of its concepts such as confidence, self-awareness, world exposure. 

SHN is a world of opportunities for anyone who is willing to work on themselves.

we are currently forming the core network which is directly managed by the founder. This is the best time to join the network!

You can start by registering here. Look for the welcome email after registration.

know the categories in detail here: 

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About the founder

Sainath Maharatta(29 years) hails from Hyderabad, India. He is 2015 batch alumni of IIM Calcutta. He conceptualized StrongHuman Framework on January 5th,2018 (exactly 2 years back) and has been working on SHN ever since. He previously worked at Paytm, leading its Telangana & Andhra sales and lead a team of 200. Prior to that he also worked with State Bank Group as Probationary Officer(He was one of the youngest officers of his batch). He also worked in the travel & IT industries. He carries a total of 7 years of top-quality work experience.  

He had a very diverse upbringing. He hails from a marathi speaking family living in Hyderabad and ancestrally from Rayalseema region of Andhra Pradesh, India. He fluently speaks Telugu and is married to a Kannada speaking wife from Bangalore. He has lived across 5 different cities in India and has traveled to multiple foreign countries. He worked across India and the globe with people coming from different mindsets and behaviors. His friends are in managerial positions in PSUs, Central government, startups in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, working with MNCs across India and the globe with a sizeable footprint in the USA, UK, Australia, middle east. 

He enjoys reading and understanding a wide variety of subjects across leadership, Management, spirituality, Psychology, diverse business models across various industries, startups, science & technology, history, national and international politics, culture

He follows a wide variety of people to develop the right perspective towards society and know the universe more! Some of the people he admires the most are sadhguru, J Krishna murthi, PM Narendra modi, Robin Sharma, Simon Sinek, Eckhart Tolle, Neil degrasse tyson, jeff Bezos, and bill gates

This is him sporting the StrongHuman bond with his StrongHuman SWAG!

You can reach him on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram

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