SHN’s Verified Membership – Entry into the elite global network!

Once you accomplish the StrongHuman Challenge, you’ll be eligible to become a verified member of SHN. 

The StrongHuman challenge makes sure that

When something is not going right in your life, you have the framework in place to identify the action to be taken or to seek help. 

You know how to behave with fellow StrongHumans

As everyone is clear on how they are expected to behave within the network , it makes SHN a trusted network

Verified members come from various locations, educational backgrounds, Professions, age groups. Hence a member can leverage the network to find a solution for their current need.

A Key feature of SHN’s verified membership is our Appreciation & feedback system, which makes sure that positive behaviours are encouraged and negative, unprofessional behaviour is discouraged. 

Verified members can leverage the network to 

  • Find job opportunities, Internships, projects
  • Offer your professional services
  • Avail Professional services
  • Avail life coaching & Business coaching from our coaches & mentors
  • Avail health & wellness services such as doctor consultations, weight loss/gain training, yoga , meditation
  • Interact with fellow StrongHumans for hobbies, fitness , adventure activities
  • Find a life-partner through our life-partner program
  • connect with fellow StrongHumans for stay when you travel
  • Avail offers from our partner organisations in categories like healthy, organic food & dining, life insurance, fitness memberships, eco-friendly apparel & home decor etc

You can download the verified membership brochure here

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