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Hello everyone,

If i have shared the link for this post with you, it means that i have been very closely following you on linkedin for the last 1 year and i find you suitable to be part of StrongHumanNetwork in the capacity of a life coach/senior life coach/career coach/mentor/wellness professional.

Through this post i will give you a quick understanding of SHN. For the complete details you can always visit website on

So what is StrongHumanNetwork(SHN)?

SHN is a future lifestyle concept and a global network of individuals who are focused on being the best version of themselves.

It helps in transforming career, relationships, health & fitness of individuals by enhancing their confidence, self-awareness, emotional intelligence and world exposure.

Our core principle is

“being honest to yourself is the best way to lead a quality life”

Our core perspectives are

“I am the owner of my life”

“I find solutions”

It sounds too vague, can you be more specific?

okay, so any person who wants to join SHN

1. Understands SHN thoroughly through website and video content

2. Takes the StrongHuman challenge(its a paid challenge)

3. On successfully accomplishing the StrongHuman challenge, he/she becomes a verified member of SHN

4. Verified members of SHN gets various kinds of benefits, privileges which impact, enhances their career, relationships, health & fitness while holding them accountable for their behavior ( See Verified membership benefits here)

5. Specific features – job & internship opportunities, offering & availing professional services, supporting members through HD(Honest Discussions), life partner program, adventure & social activities and more

what’s so unique about it?

The uniqueness of SHN is its universal appeal and unifying nature which cuts through age, gender, education background, race, language, nationality.

It also has a sustainable business model that is highly scalable across the globe and gives it the opportunity to become the biggest startup across the globe with a massive positive impact on society.

I strongly recommend you to visit our website ( to know SHN in detail. We have detailed webpages as well as high-quality video content on “SH Perspective” page( ) which I am sure will engage you thoroughly.

SHN’s structure lets people join at various categories and levels( 1 to 5 ) depending on their stage of life , experience, exposure. check it here

Also, SHN positions personal development as the future lifestyle and not as a “course”,”education”,”training” though we are imparting these things in a even more effective way.

We aspire to make it cool and sexy so that the people who actually need it get it!

What role do we play in this?

SHN is not a digital platform that connects people but an organisation based on certain concepts and principles with ground presence in every corner of the world.

The best way for doing this is to bring people across the globe who can understand SHN and also have the capability to take it to a wider audience.

By following you guys for a long-time I am reasonably sure that you guys are capable of this as well have the passion to contribute at grassroots.

Tell me more!

I understand that you guys already are impacting the world in your own way, so i have very flexible options for you to be part and contribute to SHN.

You can join SHN as a member in career coach/observing mentors/wellness professionals categories which are moderate involvement options where you connect trusted folks in your network into SHN , get customers for your product/service and volunteer for events, activities whenever needed

You can also join SHN as life coach/senior life coach/active mentor which are high involvement management positions where you will become the brand ambassador of SHN in your network, actively work for SHN and transition into full-time roles as SHN’s revenue grows.

We are also open to explore collaborative business ideas!

Is there any catch?

There is no catch! However, you are also required to accomplish the StrongHuman challenge to become part of the network(it costs INR 6999 in India and USD 150 outside India to get the challenger kit).

on registering on the website, you’ll receive welcome email with a link to build StrongHuman Profile. on building StrongHuman profile you’ll receive the link for taking the StrongHuman Pledge. You’ll receive a link for payment only after you successfully finish these steps.

You can decide to pay for the challenger kit after these steps and only if you are convinced of its benefits.

Though the concepts of the challenge are very well known to you, the challenge helps you to get into sync with SHNs pedagogy and lifestyle and acts as an equalizing factor across levels and categories.

Also, you earn when someone whom you invited takes up the challenge which means you can generate a steady stream of revenue for yourself as you keep yourself engaged with SHN!

Have more questions? DM me. Would love to get into a call to understand each other more. I want to meet each one of you, i will start very soon with folks based out of Bangalore,India.

Parting words?

SHN is an idea which is going to transform the society and i am counting on you to make it a reality.

This is an amazing opportunity for you to transform your career, business and create a long- lasting impact  🙂


Waiting to read your thoughts and sign up for the challenge. Thank you!

May 2020 transform your life to better and hope SHN has a role to play in it! 

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